Friday, October 1, 2010

Don't Skip Your Post Workout Drink!

The most important time of the day to supply nutrition is directly after your workout. Your muscles are like dry sponges after training and ready to soak up valuable muscle building nutrients. It is up to you to supply what your muscles are craving so don't miss this critical opportunity to ignite muscle growth.

Directly after training I recommend whey protein isolate and my favorite is VP2 Whey Isolate by AST Sports Science. Along with whey protein you should mix a high glycemic carbohydrate like dextrose crystals or other liquid carbohydrate. In addition to the carbs and whey protein I add 5 grams of micronized creatine and 5 to10 grams of L-glutamine.

I have an eBook that will be released soon detailing the exact nutrition and supplement plan I followed on my championship run in 2003, including specifically what I ate and how I supplemented post workout.

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